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Heart of Africa, just Africa lovers.
Hi! We are a team of Africa lovers,
whom want to concretize their passion of world travelling with a big Project,
HEART of AFRICA is a new conception of e-commerce, with the focus of becoming
one of the biggest and active reality in African tours worldwide.
Our continuous work, focused to select always the best offers for our customers,
is satisfying us day by day, and give us the fuel to go on improving our vision. Our
team is continuously growing up with the best people we met on our road. Young
Travellers who really loves what they do, and wants to create a big network worldwide.
“You’re talking by your side, it’s normal”, you could say, but we really feel we’re a
very strong team.
Our Mission;
to give everybody the choice for explore this continent in the best and safest way possible.
For these reasons, a part of our investments, is focused to
delete every kind of stress from the experiences, and select the best operators
available. Our Dream; to let you live the uncontaminated nature’s life and to touch
with your hands the incredible wild beauties, for bring you inside the wildlife
documentaries we use to watch since our youth.
We of Heart of Africa, offer to every
traveller, the most wide and fabulous
choice of accomodations, from
apartments to b&b, from lodges to 5 stars
resorts. For work or holiday, on
www.heartofafricaexpedition.com , every
user can easily make an instant
reservation for his accommodation,
without extra charges.

You’ll also be able to plan every kind of
experience, safari, diving. You could find
the help of the best local guides, who can
offer you the best planned experiences
that bring you to the beautiful spots of the
place, in the most comfortable way.

With our customer care service,
users can find all the help they need 24h/24h

Selecting the best places to visit in Africa, can be very heavy and stressful, due to the
incredible number of experiences to live, points of Interest to visit, people to meet,
that this ancient land offers to everyone who come here.
Heart of Africa, just Africa lovers.
Heart of Africa S.r.l.
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